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Mobile Pump-Out

Can be used on floating pontoons
Easy to service and maintain due to the pump installed on the tank
Pump-out probe meets european standard ISO8099
Reduced space requirement
Self priming diaphragm pump made of Bronze. Can run dry
Small mobile trailer
Suction and pressure hose (38mm) length each 8m
Tank capacity approx. 80l
Voltage 230V


Meeting all the relevant requirements of the modern day marina, our mobile pump out unit is a cost effective solution for the marina operator to provide a sanitation pump out facility, without going to the expense and upheaval of installing pipework, cabling associated with a fixed system.

Data –      Capacity:  25l/min,  Motor power:  90W                       Weight:  50kg,   Max. Suction height:  5m                             Max. discharge horizontal:15m                                             Max.pressure height:8m    Connection:1 ½“ hose

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