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EV Charging from Maricer

Maricer have recently launched a complete range of EV (Electric Vehicle)charging stations specifically with the marina in mind.

Maricer charging points offer two options of socket outlets being Type 2 Mode 3 and Mode 1 ( UK Domestic Socket Outlet).

These charging points are available in the traditional pedestal style, or in our newly developed wall mounted unit.

As with all Maricer service pedestals, they can be constructed on a ‘free to use’ basis, or via one of our standard prepayment options.

Maricer has teamed up with EV industry leaders ‘Pod Point’ to offer a further range of vehicle charging points that are designed to communicate with the ‘Pod Point’ network.

The ‘Pod Point’ network is accessed by free app which is easily downloadable to any smart phone or tablet.

Users begin charging by plugging into the ‘Pod Point’ charger using the pay as you go feature on the app to authenticate the charge, in turn generating a revenue for the marina.

The ‘Pod Point’ network is fully backed up by their support team, giving the marina piece of mind should any issues arise.


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