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Atlantis Gains Impact Rating

Atlantis achieves IK09 impact rating


Maricer is pleased to announce that our “Atlantis” range of service pedestals has recently achieved an impact rating of IK09 carried out by the British Standards Institute, to go alongside the IP65 rating already gained when Maricer launched “Atlantis”.


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The Importance of Impact Resistance


When specifying a service pedestal, many marine consultants don’t spend enough time considering impact resistance. Even though weathering impact from debris or other environmental conditions is a primary function of service pedestals, specifiers often expect the service pedestal to do this flawlessly without considering the wide range of materials and various levels of strength represented in the marine service pedestal industry.


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Manufactured from marine grade HDPE, “Atlantis” exhibits superior impact qualities than its fibreglass counterparts that can be found in the marina environment. This is due to the flexibility of the material when subjected to an impact collision, whereas fibreglass being more rigid in its construction, can chip and crack even with the most minor of collisions, like a luggage/equipment cart running into them.

Boat damage Boat damage 2


Being rotary moulded the “Atlantis” service pedestal shell is less likely to have any imperfections during its production, whereas fibreglass service pedestals being handcrafted in their production, creates opportunities for human error.


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